The proVoltic Bürgerkraftwerke eG is a cooperative under the German Cooperative Act. The ProVoltic concept originated from a vision in developing a movement in which together we establish and operate renewable energy systems in order to help reduce emissions and hence proactively contribute to environmental protection.

By aggregating members and following the “All for one and one for all” rationale inherent to cooperatives, proVoltic pursues the goal of permanently replacing fossil fuels and establish green energy generating installments.

We are cooperating with LichtBlick AG, Germany's largest independent green electricity providers. If you change your electricity provider through us to receive 100% green energy, you will be receiving a start-up bonus from LichtBlick.

ProVoltic offers its members an extraordinary combination:

Proactive contribution to environmental protection

Affordable supply of green energy

Attractive yield on shares

Due to the Renewable Energy Law providing a 20-year guarantee of feed-in tariffs for renewable energies, an investment into proVoltic shares represents a low-risk alternative. ProVoltic guarantees a minimum yield of three percent plus an additional dividend depending on yearly profits.
Through cooperating with private green electricity providers such as LichtBlick, proVoltic offers its members the extraordinary possibility of combining the active promotion of renewable energy development with having access to affordable green energy and simultaneously investing into low-risk but highly attractive shares.

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